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Canon is honored to continue to be the PSPF Title Sponsor!


Current scheduled seminar Monday September 21 / 9:00am – 10:30am

    • In its 2018 launch of the EOS R system, Canon introduced a reimagined emphasis on excellence in optical design and platform flexibility for a wide range of passionate photographers. In this seminar, Canon Pro Market Specialist, Calvin Anderson will guide you through the EOS R system, including the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. He will also talk about RF lenses and our range of EF-EOS R mount adapters that provide a dynamic option for unlocking the power of our entire EF an EF-S lenses for the EOS R system. And finally, he will provide a quick review of key technologies behind the EOS R system’s high-performance operation.
  • Canon Explorer of Light Videos
        • Canon Explorer of Light Lindsay Adler on Crafting Your Photographic Career
        • “Marketing Your Business” with Canon Explorer of Light Bob Davis and Business Partner Dawn Davis
        • Choosing the Perfect Portrait Lens with Canon Explorer of Light Joel Grimes
        • Canon Explorer of Light Susan Stripling & Lenses for Storytelling
        • Headshot Photography with Canon Explorer of Light Peter Hurley
        • Canon Explorer of Light Stephen Johnson & The Art In Detail: High-Res Photography and Printing
        • In-Camera Compositing with Canon Explorer of Light Lindsay Adler
        • Posing Fine Tuning with Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy
        • Top 20 Two-Minute Tips with Canon Explorer of Light David Bergman
        • Take a Virtual Trip to the Desert with Canon Explorer of Light Erin Babnik
        • “This or That” with our Canon Explorers of Light – Part 1
        • “This or That” with our Canon Explorers of Light – Part 2
        • “This or That” with our Canon Explorers of Light: Wildlife Edition
    • Join Canon U.S.A., Inc. for a screening of the documentary Bending the Light from acclaimed director Michael Apted (The Up series, The World is Not Enough, Masters of Sex, Gorillas in the Mist). The 60-minute film explores the relationship between master craftsmen who create lenses and masters of light who use these lenses for image capture – both artisans in their own right. Bending the Light features never-before-seen footage from inside Canon’s Japanese lens factory and intimate interviews with award-winning photographers and cinematographers, including Stephen Goldblatt, ASC, BSC (The Help, Angels in America).




Here are six special links to Canon informational videos as referenced in our podcast:

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“Virtual Desert Trip” with Erin Babnik

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