SYMPOSIUM: Thursday, September 24th
5:00pm – 6:30pm


Join Michelle Dunn Marsh, photographer Joseph Michael Lopez and others in a timely discussion related to photography’s history, profession, and many forms of dissemination—and the ethics or accountabilities (or not?) assigned to those who are making, taking, publishing and sharing images today.
Using ideas expressed in The Unconcerned Photographer by Charlie Harbutt as a basis for the conversation, we will debate the role of gatekeepers like editors and curators who determine and limit what photographs are seen in particular spaces, the ability for anyone, regardless of photographic training or experience, to share work directly through social media, the slippery slope of truth, and photography’s relationship to reality, against the backdrop of current issues facing the United States now.
Michelle Dunn Marsh

Michelle Dunn Marsh is the founder of Minor Matters Books, and executive director of Photographic Center Northwest. An educator and advocate for significant photography, she has worked in the field for twenty years, fostering the creation of over 100 photography books. In the last five years she began curating exhibitions, including Jim Marshall: The Rolling Stones 1972 (EMP Museum), Here I Am—Photographs by Lisa Leone (Bronx Museum), and Terminal, Me and My Selfie, and Eugene Richards: “Enduring Freedom,” (PCNW).